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Welcome to MiSena

Committed to improve personalised screening.

MiSena improves screening for breast cancer in Belgium, by offering a digital platform that supports a personalised screening process based on the dynamic risk profile of at-risk patients.

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How we can help you

By combining the expertise of different medical experts, researchers and big-data analytics, we are able to continuously optimise personalised screening protocols, delivering multiple benefits for our 3 important pillars: patients, health care professionals and researchers.

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Risk profile analysis & personalised screening protocol
Improved communication with doctor
Facilitate scheduling screening process

Health care professionals

Most accurate dynamic risk profile of patient

Recommendation screening protocol based on profile

Configuration of protocol based on EBM acquired data

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Identify at-risk patient population

Valuable data pool

Direct communication with health care professionals

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                         How it works

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Risk analysis:

The patients completes a risk assessment on the digital MiSena platform. After completion, the calculated risk profile is send to the physicians' MiSena account. Based on this risk analyses the most up-to-date screening protocols are recommended.

Personalised screening protocol:

By shared decision making, the most optimal protocol is selected and incorporated in the patient's MiSena account. From thereon MiSena assists in scheduling appointments, setting reminders,  aids in self-examination...

Dynamic platform: 

MiSena is a dynamic platform as a patient profile is ever-changing and guidelines are continuously updated. By continuously updating and improving, MiSena assures evidence-based guidance for patient and physician.

This design creates a pool of data for future research in breast cancer prevention.

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More information will follow soon

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